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Easy Tajweed

  • GIE easy Tajweed program is a scientific method to learn easily all Tajweed rules and Quran recitation.

  • It is ideal for adults and new Muslims who like to fix Quran recitation and Tajweed (only online).

  • There will be two (2) classes per week, each for 45 minutes, under a qualified teacher on one-to-one basis.



Quran and Tajweed

  • Arabic alphabets with correct pronunciation

  • How to make a word

  • How to spell a word

  • How to read  Arabic words

  • 30th Juz

  • All Tajweed rules

Dua and Surah memorization

  • Duas used in daily life: Dua 1-17

  • Prayer Duas: Sana - Salam, Dua used in Witr, Istikhara and Janaza

  • 11 short Surahs: Surah Fatiah-Feel

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