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Part-Time Hifz 

Part-time Hifz program is ideal for those who: 

  • Like to memorize the entire Quran at a moderate pace while actively enrolled in public school.

  • Like to memorize some of the essential portions of the Quran. 

  • Like to join full-time Hifz in the future (we will conduct an assessment to ensure the student's readiness for full-time enrollment in Hifz and the homeschooling program).

This program is a combination of three (3) things: 

  1. Hifz (Quran Memorization) 

  2. Tajweed (The science of Quran recitation)

  3. Islamic studies ​

  • It is designed for a student to spend three - three and one-half (3 - 3.5) hours daily under the guidance of a qualified teacher.

  • Students should attend Hifz class every day in two (2) sessions:

    • Online: Early morning 1.5 hours (6 - 7:30 am)

    • In-person: Evening two (2) hours 5:30-8 pm

  • A highly qualified teacher will be allotted to every two students during the online Hifz session.

  • Students will also learn the fundamentals of their religion to display close attachment with their Deen. ​


  1. A student will be allowed to attend classes after they are fully registered in the school. (For more details, consult 'GIE admission process').

  2. Students will participate in an evaluation process and spend an assessment term of 30 - 90 days.

Quran Memorization

Hifz program helps students correctly recite, understand and memorize the Holy Quran within two(2) - three (3) years.

  • It is practically impossible to guarantee that he/she will complete the Quran at a specific time. Some students may take less than one year to memorize the Quran, while others may take up to three or four years. Our goal is to help the students memorize the Quran in a way that they may never forget.

  • Remember that becoming a Hafiz takes hard work and dedication from both the student and the parents.

  • Your child will go through an evaluation process and spend an assessment term of 30 - 90 days before final enrollment.

  • We will provide eligible students with a personalized tentative memorization plan that gives you an idea about how much progress your child is expected to achieve through the year.

Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

       Students must attend the Islamic studies class. ​

  • The Islamic studies curriculum is focused on the teachings and believes of Islam. 

  • The curriculum provides students with the historical perspective and practical insights on being a Muslim citizen in this world. 

The curriculum focuses on the following key areas: 

  • Basic Islamic beliefs 

  • Essential Islamic practice

  • Basic Islamic character 

  • Basic Islamic history

  • Contemporary issues.


  • GIE has no compromise of Tajweed in Quran recitation. Students must recite and memorize Quran by following all rules of Tajweed. Therefore a Tajweed class will be held twice a week, and all students must join. 

  • Tajweed class will cover the details of the following areas: 

    • Correct pronunciation of each Arabic letter 

    • Exercise on special letters (Soft, Full mouth, and Throat letters) 

    • Short Sound

    • Long Sound

    • Nasal Sound

    • Rules of Word Allah 

    • Rules of Stopping 

    • Rules of Letter Raa

    • How to recite in regular prayer as Imam 

    • How to recite in Taraweeh Prayer in Ramadan 

Tajweed Class

Tajweed Class


All applicants must go through the admission process for enrollment.


  • Failure of applicants and/or their guardians to follow formal procedures may affect enrollment.

  • All applicants are tested before being final enrollment. 

  • Final enrollment is based on the teacher’s assessment of the student. 

  • The probationary period is 30 -90 days. 

  • Candidates for the full-time Hifz program also will join part-time Hifz during the probationary period. So they do not need to leave public school before becoming eligible for final enrollment.

  • The school also reserves the right to decline admission to students without explanation.

Admission Process

Admission Process 


Step 1: Hifz primary prerequisites (Evaluate student's readiness for Hifz) 

Step 2: If all primary prerequisites are met, 

  •  Submit the online application for the Hifz program.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment for student's interview along with the parents.

Step 4: Sign all promissory forms 

  • Assessment form 

  • Registration form to start Trail term

  • Hifz pre-admission commitment form

  • Auto withdrawal payment form 

Step 5: Join Hifz orientation 

Step 6: Pay the registration and first month fees

Step 7: Start 30 - 90 days trial term class to assess Hifz eligibility

Step 8: Get final enrollment as soon as the student is eligible

Step 9: Enroll in homeschooling program (only for full-time students)

Step 10: Continue the Hifz class 

Primary Prerequisites


  • Available space in the classroom. (Visit or contact GIE office)

  • Age must be between 8 - 14 years  

  • Fluency in Quran recitation

  • Proper Tajweed

  • Mental and physical stability 

  • Obedience to parents and teachers

  • Good behavior

  • Parents should have a clear understanding of the basis of the school.

  • Parents commitment to meet the financial and time obligations towards the school.

  •  Ability to memorize the Quran. 

  • Parents can not expect special education instruction beyond the purview of the school's capability or capacity.

  • Full-time attendance (only for full-time Hifz candidates) 

  • Home schooling to cover academic education (only for full-time Hifz candidates)

Primary Prerequisites

Hifz pre-Admission Commitment


  • Attendance and punctuality 

  • Fulfill daily assignments 

  • Daily parental involvement and supervision

  • Regular parent-teacher communication

  • Review daily progress report and signature

  • Follow all codes of conduct for students

Hifz pre-Admission Commitment

Pre-admission 30 – 90 Days Trial

  • All Candidates will join the part-time Hifz program during the probationary period.

  • There will be a 30 – 90 days trial period to evaluate the Hifz candidate (student). 

  • Only after a complete assessment by the teacher, the decision for final enrollment is taken.

  • It ensures that students are not going to waste their time and continue with their regular studies. 

We assess the following characteristics essential for Hifz during the trial period

  • The student should be able to memorize seven (7) – ten (10) lines starting and after about 3 -4 months at least 15 lines (1 page) in 1-1.5 hours of intensive hard effort. 

  • The student should have the ability to retain memorized sections.

  • Mental and physical stability

  • Punctuality

  • Behavior and obedience

  • Daily assignments completion

  • Student and parental sincerity

  • Parental supervision and daily involvement

Pre-admission 30 – 90 Days Trial ​
Hifz Schedule

 Part-Time Hifz Schedule


Sun – Fri Daily 3.5 Hours

Morning: 6:00 am – 7:30 am Online (Sun class will be 10 :30 am – 12 pm)

Evening: 6:00 pm – 8:15 pm in person (Sun will be online from home)


Details Morning Hifz Schedule

Join: 5:50 am

New Lesson: 6:00 – 6:20 am

Running Juz: 6:20 – 7:00 am

Old Juz: 7:00 – 7:30 am


Details Evening Hifz Schedule

Arrival: 5:50 pm

Old Juz: 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Next Lesson: 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Tuition & Fees: 


The tuition policies of the Hifz program are outlined below:


  • The registration, supply fees, and first month’s payment must be made before the first day of school. 

  • All students must be paid on the auto draft system.

  • Payments are due on the 1st day of each month. If the payment has not been received by the 10th of the month, there will be a late charge of $10. 

  • The monthly fee is non-refundable 

  • Monthly tuition is due in full amount regardless of the number of days your child has attended school. If your child is sick and does not attend or travels in the middle of the month, no compensation will be made for hours missed. 

  • Delinquent Accounts: Accounts not paid within thirty days are considered to be delinquent. It is the parent's responsibility to notify the school office of any difficulty in meeting tuition obligations in writing. All report cards, transcripts, and test scores will be withheld until all tuition and fees are paid in full. 

  • All delinquent accounts must be paid in full before a student is permitted to register for the following year.

Tuition & Fees
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