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Image by Mishary Alafasy
  • Designed for 5-7 years old kids who like to start learning Quran with Tajweed.

  • Students will learn the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters and all sounds (short, long, nasal, catching) used in the Quran, making an Arabic word, and combining a word with another in the most fun and fastest way.

  • They will also be taught basic Islamic studies along with surah and dua memorization. 

  • All lessons are made creatively and scientifically, so students learn with so much joy.

  • At this level, the student will have one-to-one sessions under a qualified teacher and three (3) classes per week, each for 45 minutes. 

Quran and Islamic Studies:



Quran and Tajweed

  • Tashilul Qawaid

  • Arabic alphabets with correct pronunciation

  • How to make a word

  • How to spell a word

  • How to read  Arabic words

  • All basic Tajweed rules

Dua and Surah memorization

  • Duas used in daily life:  Dua 1-17

  • Prayer Duas: Sana - Salam, Dua used in Witr, Istikhara and Janaza

  • 11 short Surahs: Surah Fatiah-Feel

Islamic Studies

Four (4) practicals: How to make ablution, how to perform 2 rakat Salah etc. 


Students have to attend the test at the end of each level for each subject. 


Prayer and Practical Report

The purpose of learning is to apply it in daily life. During the test, we will check the student's daily prayer and practical report: how much a student is punctual for daily five times salah and apply other Islamic aspects. We may call parents to verify prayer and practical reports. 


Quran and Tajweed Test

During the Quran recitation test, we will assess 

  • Applying Tajweed rules

  • Fluency in recitation 

  • The beauty of recitation

  • Students knowledge in the Tajweed (the science of Quran recitation) 


Surah and Dua memorization Test

Note: During the memorization test, one parent must be present to ensure that the student does not refer to any resource. 

In this test, we will assess the students

  • Applying Tajweed rules in memorized parts.

  • Retaining level

  • The beauty of recitation

  • The lesson learned from Surah/Dua

Islamic Studies Test 

In this test, we will assess the students

  • Knowledge and understanding of Islam

  • Practice

Note: The best performance award will be given to the students availing full points in a test. 

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