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The Virtues/ Benefits of Memorizing Al Quran

  • Highest ranks of Jannah for the Memorizer of the Qur’an

  • The Highest Honor for the parents of the Memorizer of the Qur’an 

  • The best person is he who learns the Qur’an & teaches it 

  • The Memorizer of the Qur’an is worthy of envy in this world 

  • Every letter the Memorizer of the Qur’an recites is rewarded ten times or more 

  • The Qur’an will intercede for the Memorizer of the Qur’an

  • A crown and garment of honor for the parents of the Memorizer of the Qur’an 

  • The Memorizer of the Qur’an will be saved from the Fire of Hell

  • Double reward for those who try hard to memorize the Qur’an 

So we must NEVER give up memorizing the Qur’an even though we may struggle to learn a single verse - for it maybe that Shaytan will try hard to make a person give up, knowing that he will receive double rewards for it if he continues. 

Allah rewards a person according to their intention and sincerity - so if one is sincere and intends to learn the Qur’an and dies whilst doing so,  then it maybe that Allah may raise such a person amongst those who actually memorized the Qur’an. SubhanAllah!!

Hifz Prerequisites

  • Fluency in recitation

  • Proper Tajweed

  • Obedience to parents and teacher

  • Good Behavior

Hifz Pre-Admission Commitment

  • Attendance & Punctuality 

  • Fulfilling daily assignments 

  • Daily parental involvement & supervision

  • Regular parent-teacher communication

  • Reviewing daily progress report and signature

  • Following all code of conducts for students

Pre-admission 3 month trial

  • There will be a 3 month trial period to evaluate the Hifz candidate (student) during the summer time. 

  • Only after a complete assessment by the teacher, the decision for final enrollment is taken.

  • This ensures that students are not going to waste their time and they can continue with their regular study. 

We assess the following characteristics essential for Hifz during the trial period

  • Retaining capability

  • Memorization prowess

  • Mental Stability & Physical Health 

  • Punctuality

  • Behavior and Obedience

  • Daily Assignments completion

  • Student and parental sincerity

  • Parental supervision & daily involvement

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