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Buy Apc Butler Jeans

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Buy Apc Butler Jeans

Nothing is created or destroyed, it is merely transformed. This adage is fulfilled in every respect by the Butler jeans concept. Customers are encouraged to bring their old denim jeans to any A.P.C. store or send it to the online store, where they will be exchanged for a new pair at half price. Broken in naturally over time, their attractive patina created and preserved in accordance with washing instructions, the jeans thus reappear, beginning a second life. But not until they have been washed, mended and marked with the initials of their former owner by our workshops. Each pair is therefore truly unique.

In order to facilitate the process, we will need you to inform us on the model, size and approximate age of the A.P.C. jeans you are submitting. We will also ask you to send us four candid shots: front, back, honeycomb (back of the knees), whiskers (front pocket area). Photos may not exceed 150Kbs.

We make one of a kind original custom pieces. Most items are upcycled vintage garments that have been carefully selected by a veteran in the fashion industry with an uncompromising attention to detail. This pair of reissued jeans were purchased at the APC store in SOHO with the intent to capture an authentic bright blue cast while experimenting with wash. The cut & past trend for upcycling evolves random piecing into an experimental approach with shadowing techniques. Additional photos and/or measurements available upon request.

Unlike the whiskered and bedazzled versions of other brands, the Butler stays true to its clever name. Rather than using sandpaper or washing techniques, a real human being wears each pair to create genuine and one-of-a-kind stress marks that just can't be recreated by some automated process. The jeans even feature the initials of the "butler" who wore them in written on the inside.

The story begins in 1989, the famous creator of the French brand A.P.C. ventures into his dressing room. He is looking for jeans to compete with his outfit. Suddenly a question will come to his mind: why is there so little washed out denim jeans

Jean Touitou then took only 15 days to make the first denim jeans for the ready-to-wear house. Aware of the exceptional quality of this fabric, the designer who created the gift refused to reveal its source.

But what the consumer is looking for is above all quality in the products. When you buy jeans, you want them to last, to be b and comfortable. Jean Touitou understood this very well. These jeans are made of a 14.5 oz selvedge Japanese denim fabric made by the weaver Kaihara Denim.

All the charm of jeans is based on its manufacturing process. The denim has been tinted with indigo without being treated with fixing products. As a result, Jean Touitou invites people to wear his creation, on a daily basis, leaving room with wear and tear for a hue that gradually fades away.

A.P.C. has succeeded in creating timeless jeans that embellish with time; just like its founder, minimalist and advocating unpretentious fashion. This piece conquered fashion in the 90s with its worked cut, its resistance and its noble materials. There are now several models with their own cuts, such as Alan jeans and their straight cut.

But the Parisian label has managed to stand out from its iconic model by offering us other pieces with different cuts. Jean Touitou has always wanted to offer sober and minimalist pieces that can correspond to any man. We find the small new standard, a pair of jeans proudly wearing a raw Japanese denim. The advantage of these jeans is their tight, slim fit at the bottom and rigid fabric that relaxes over time. Its mid-high and straight waist provides a lot of versatility, making it perfect for all outfits.

Once again, the Parisian company is regaining the strengths of these other jeans by offering us the new standard. These jeans have a beautiful straight cut with a mid-high waist. Of course we find the famous Japanese cotton denim, a guarantee of quality


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