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Female Muscle Growth Game

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Female Muscle Growth Game

Excessive muscle tone and tightness and areas of muscle weakness can help to prevent injury but, as shown by this research, can also further lead to injury during participation. The pec major muscles and the chest are particularly susceptible to injury. The suspensory ligaments and the head of the humerus are secondary structures but, especially in repetitive overhead throwing activities, they are a site of vulnerability for injury to the head of the humerus or the clavicle.

Although the practice of physical exercise can improve the physique, injury avoidance is the true goal. Now that women are dominating the body-building scene the result of which is a leaner, shapelier, more muscular female physique, we must consider the possibility of these changing proportions detrimentally affecting knee function. If an individual complains of knee pain, a targeted physical examination with a good understanding of the anatomy and injury mechanisms can help to rule out pathology by excluding muscle strains, tendonitis and other soft tissue problems. d2c66b5586


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