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I've used BluffTitler for a few months on a couple of videos now and I am really pleased with the result. I've been using Titler for a few months and it's by far the fastest thing to make text effects.I'm a bar/restaurant location coder and Titler is in many ways superior to other solutions.Great stuff!Inspired by artists, writers and musicians who've taken us to fascinating places, events and experiences, this blog seeks to do the same for all of us. Wednesday, June 02, 2017 Magda Olivera's "A Day at the Opera: San Francisco Opera Blog & Giveaway," 2017 I was lucky to attend Magda Olivera's Master Class last Summer. As an artist, I've been in a few now, and several in the 1980s, but they've all been in Italy and Spain. This was my first in the States. Magda began and finished with questions to the group about their experiences of the class. She then gave us some examples from her own life and work. She ended with questions about our plans for the next year. We had a chance to say what we planned. She also had some musicians in the class who performed some of their own music. Magda's life and work seem complicated, but she's got a great sense of humor. She's been a composer since 1976, a performer, and most recently was the Artistic Director of the Calvé Chamber Music Festival for 13 seasons. I've heard her opera A Filha do Reinhas (País de Paz/Peace Country) performed at the festival. There was also a double bill of Leoncavallo's Lucrezia Borgia/La Fille du Pharaon performed there. She's written a number of works, including her most noted, the opera A Filha do Reinhas, which was recorded in 1995 with Maria João Pires singing Salvador Sobral's parts and the title role was performed by Selfi de Carvalho. It's a very emotional, exciting opera about a forgotten folkloric story. The last chapter, where Magda's opera is set, has the title,A Filha do Reinhas: Alma Indiferente: Solidão de Segunda Morte. d2c66b5586


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