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Company Of Heroes New Steam Version Trainer

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How to Use Company Of Heroes New Steam Version Trainer

Company Of Heroes is a real-time strategy game that lets you command the Allied forces during World War II. The game has been updated to run on Steam, with improved multiplayer, Steam-workshop integration and mod support[^3^]. If you want to spice up your gameplay with some cheats and trainers, you can use the Company Of Heroes New Steam Version Trainer by MrAntiFun[^1^]. This trainer has 9 options that can give you unlimited resources, fast construction and recruiting, max units, unlimited commandpoints and no ability cooldown[^2^]. Here is how to use it:

Download the trainer from this link [^1^]. You will need to register and log in to the website to access the download.

Extract the trainer from the zip file and run it as administrator.

Launch the game from Steam and load your save or start a new game.

Press F1 at the main menu or during gameplay to activate the trainer. You will hear a sound confirming that it is activated.

Use the following hotkeys to toggle the cheats on or off:

F2: Unlimited Health

F3: Unlimited Manpower

F4: Unlimited Fuel

F5: Unlimited Munitions

F6: Fast Construction

F7: Fast Recruiting

F8: Max Units

F9: Unlimited Commandpoints

F10: No Ability Cooldown

Enjoy the game with your cheats enabled. You can also use the WeMod app [^2^] to customize the hotkeys and settings of the trainer.

Note: The trainer may not work with some versions of the game or some mods. It is recommended to use it with the latest version of the game and without any mods. The trainer may also trigger some anti-virus software, so you may need to disable or exclude it from scanning. Use the trainer at your own risk and responsibility.

Why Use Company Of Heroes New Steam Version Trainer

Company Of Heroes is a challenging and immersive game that requires strategic thinking and careful resource management. However, sometimes you may want to have some fun and experiment with different tactics and scenarios without worrying about the consequences. That's where the Company Of Heroes New Steam Version Trainer comes in handy. With this trainer, you can enjoy the game in a more relaxed and creative way, without losing the thrill and excitement of the battles. You can also use the trainer to overcome some difficult missions or enemies that may frustrate you otherwise. The trainer is easy to use and compatible with the latest version of the game on Steam, so you don't have to worry about any technical issues or errors.

What Are The Benefits Of Company Of Heroes New Steam Version Trainer

The Company Of Heroes New Steam Version Trainer offers many benefits that can enhance your gaming experience. Here are some of them:

Unlimited Health: You can make your units invincible and immune to any damage from enemy attacks or environmental hazards. This can help you survive longer and win more battles.

Unlimited Manpower: You can increase your manpower pool and recruit more units without any limit. This can help you build a stronger army and outnumber your opponents.

Unlimited Fuel: You can increase your fuel supply and use more vehicles and tanks without any restriction. This can help you gain an advantage in mobility and firepower.

Unlimited Munitions: You can increase your munitions stockpile and use more abilities and weapons without any cost. This can help you unleash more destruction and chaos on the battlefield.

Fast Construction: You can speed up the construction time of your buildings and defenses. This can help you establish a base faster and secure your position.

Fast Recruiting: You can speed up the recruiting time of your units. This can help you replenish your forces faster and maintain a steady flow of reinforcements.

Max Units: You can increase the maximum number of units you can have on the field. This can help you create a massive army and overwhelm your enemies.

Unlimited Commandpoints: You can increase your commandpoints pool and use more doctrines and abilities without


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