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Contagio Download Di Film Mp4


Forget keyboard shortcuts. Hotkey Actions let you cram macros into keys for instant identification and deployment without error. Launch apps and websites, open folders and access pre-composed texts. Streamline your film editing, music production or photography workflow. Your options are endless.

TubeDigger downloads media in the original format as it is streamed from server. Just convert .ts file into .mp4 using option "MP4 [Without transcoding]" from converting dialog - it will be fast and without loss. Many sites use Apple HLS protocol: .ts file (MPEG transport stream) is just another media container like .mp4 (MPEG-4 Part 14). Video and audio codecs are the same in these media containers and nowadays mostly popular are H264 for video and AAC for audio. You may also convert .mp4 file again into .mp4 using option "MP4 [Without transcoding]" from converting dialog if original .mp4 file cannot be seekable or has issues with playback. And you may enable option 'Convert downloads automatically" in setting for automatical conversion of downloaded .ts file into .mp4. After automatical conversion the original file is moved into recycle bin and therefore it may be restored later by demand.

Start downloading video in default resolution, then switch resolution in player to required one (1080p,etc), move time slider back to 00:00 and wait until new download becomes detected. For 4K+ resolutions use embedded browser Chromium (WebM 4K). For HD videos use embedded browser Chromium.

In 'D-L Mode' TubeDigger downloads media file separately from what is playing in the web page area, in 'Rec Mode' TubeDigger records media stream that is currently playing in the web page area. Some live streams must be recorded in 'Rec Mode' and for most popular live streaming sites TubeDigger switches to recording mode automatically, so you will not need to remember about it.

F1 - help, F2 - rename downloadedidle file, F3 - rename downloadedidle file using page title, Shift+F4 - shutdown PC after finished downloads, F5 - reload page, F6 - go to address bar, F7 - set auto-refresh timeout for recording, F8 - move item in downloads list up, F9 - move item in downloads list down, Shift+F10 - invoke context menu, F11 - rename downloadedidle file using page link, F12 - turn off display, Ctrl+D - open bookmarks, Ctrl+F - search for text in web page, Ctrl+G - go to page link in clipboard, Ctrl+H - reset resolution selector of recording to the highest value, Ctrl+I - clear inactive downloads, Ctrl+J - go to downloads window, Ctrl+M - muteunmute, Ctrl+N - set page blank, Ctrl+S - open settings, Ctrl+T - toggle window as topmost, EnterSpace - startstop download(s), BackspaceDelete - remove download(s), Alt+Leftmouse back button - page back, Alt+Rightmouse forward button - page forward.

Set checkbox 'Do not clear IE cookies' in settings. If you will notice after the degradation of capturing downloads - reset this checkbox. Please note that TubeDigger does not clear IExplorer cookies for most popular sites. For Chromium browser there is no possibility to keep cookies because they are stored in memory.

Command line arguments supported, no integrated scheduler, but you may use Windows Task Scheduler: create task, set date/time to run, select action to start program, browse for TubeDigger.exe (located somewhere like in 'C:\Program Files\TubeDigger\' or 'C:\Program Files (x86)\TubeDigger\'). There are two ways to specify web page to be open on start: 1) set it as home page in TubeDigger's settings; 2) type web page URL into field 'Add arguments' on task action dialog. TubeDigger also supports command line arguments in form: [url] [-rec] [-dl] [-res] [-hide] [-refresh] [-blank] [-useragent] [-outputdir] [-mute] [-exit] [-shutdown] [-srec] [-MonitorOn] [-MonitorOff] [-RtmpBufferTime]. Any of these arguments can be present or absent. To start TubeDigger in recording mode: add argument '-rec'. To disable switching to recording mode: add argument '-dl'. To start TubeD


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