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Spore Dark Injection Mod Download Free

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Jokes aside, OP probably isn't coming back, but to clarify for potential future readers, while the EULA says no to mods, various people from EA/Maxis have stated on multiple occasions that mods as we know them are they're fine, as long as they don't do things like provide DLC content without the actual DLC, redistribute original game code, cause deliberate damage to players' games (especially via the online Sporepedia), or impersonate the official EA, Maxis, or Spore brands. DI does none of those things, and we've gotten a separate go-ahead for cannibalizing Darkspore (again, as long as none of either game's actual code is redistributed as-is), so there's nothing to be worried about. You're free to use DI. 1e1e36bf2d


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